About Us!

I started this website as a result of an incident that happened one evening while having dinner out with my wife. I overheard a Veteran ask the waiter if the restaurant had any discount for military or Veterans. The waiter rudely replied "no" and took the check to the cashier. I followed him and asked the manager, what was the problem?. After he heard from the waiter what had happened,I asked the manager "Why would you insult a customer like that when he deserves a discount in the first place? Secondly, even if you gave him 10% off you're talking about $5 at the most.Give it to him and add that $5 on my bill." He said he'd take care of it.

Shortly thereafter he arrived at our table with two free desserts and apologized for the incident. He said, "We really have no policy like that currently, but I comped their bill and the desserts on me. I'm going to talk with the owner tomorrow and get something like that going."

Our mission is to get EVERY business large or small to offer some reward to every Veteran who frequents their store or signs for services. We ask a business to make a small sacrifice to the Veteran or his family and to make others aware they are doing so by listing with us on this website. In return for doing so, we take the small fee we ask to cover our expenses and give percentages out to various Veterans groups who need help financially.

If your business needs a boost or you're looking for qualified workers, use this website to solve both those problems. You'll be glad you did!! We're 100% Veteran owned and staffed! Member of American Legion Post #158

Joseph C. Walterbach, CEO & Founder