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As business owners, it is our duty to show these Veterans how much we, as a community, appreciate the sacrifices they and their families have made! Set a special pricing or "value added" for any Veteran and his family that come to you. We will promote you with an attractive listing on our website to show these Veterans and their families how special you hold them. In addition, we can provide a decal for your business that will show your support to post on your front door or window!

There are over 20 Million Veterans nationwide along with their families! That's a Huge market. Don't hesitate to contact us with any problems you may have with your listing, we're here to help! Free edits and dialog changes throughout your yearly listing.


When listing with us, you are committing to treat our Veterans special. With special discounts or "value-added" features not given to other customers. Making Veterans and their families feel "special" and thanking them for their service. We encourage creativity in your incentives but also be consistent. We will either bill you each year for your renewal or set a recurring payment with your credit/debit card to do the job. If you wish to cancel, just call the office and advise, we want you to stay but realize business burdens change. However, the rate you pay at the beginning will never change on renewals.


As a "value added"  for signing on with us, we have created a special page for you to list any job openings you may have available for qualified Veterans. If you can offer a Veteran a job, do so by calling us or simply by clicking the tab below and filling out the short form. You'll find Veterans are well disciplined, able to take instructions and have management potential. We will list that job for as long as it takes to fill it for you for free!

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Volume Discounts Are Available for Multiple Locations!

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 All submitted ads and job notices are added and published within 24 hrs. 

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