Threadgills Memorial Services Beaverton Oregon

We love our Veterans! We honor our Veterans!

We have designed and sewn our own Veteran’s Passing quilt with matching pillowcase. We enter

a home or facility with a quilt of deep blue background with eagles flying and carrying American

flags in their talons. As we exit, the reversible side displays hundreds of waving American flags.

Both family and staff are impressed on how we honor their loved one with this simple gesture of

a quilt.

We are very familiar with the process of interring veterans at Willamette National Cemetery. If at

all possible, we like to obtain their DD214 prior to passing so that we can confirm their


When we are able to confirm that an “indigent deceased” is a veteran, who has been honorably

discharged, we deliver their cremated remains to Willamette National Cemetery for a proper

burial. Sometimes we have arranged a committal service with Military Honors so that the staff of

the facility can attend. All of this is extremely gratifying to us.

We have also created a Veteran’s Burial Benefits Brochure on our website with all the specific

burial details. Check it out at

We have the only Harley Davidson Motorcycle Hearse in the Pacific Northwest that we use for

transporting both caskets and urns. For more information go to

When possible, we engage the motorcycle Patriot Guard to be part of the service.

It is our sacred honor to serve our Veterans!



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