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What a deal for your business, Veterans get to know about you, your company, and how your company rewards and supports them. We help promote you on our site at one of the lowest priced internet ads in the USA!  No contract to sign and what you pay now will never increase in the future! It's locked for life!  Sound good?

Sign up for a full ad space that is specifically targeted to reach Veterans and their families. Call, email or register now for additional information. We are 100% Veteran Owned and Staffed! Members of the American Legion!


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100% Veteran owned and staffed, we promote your message, and encourage all Veterans to use our website as a tool to connect with local and nationwide businesses. These current clients of our have made changes to their policies simply because we contacted them and asked "Do you offer discounts to Veterans"? A few samples they decided on, and that you might consider: "10% Flat Discount on purchases;"10-15% discount on any car repair parts and labor";"Free non-alcoholic drink with meals for Veterans"and Special menu items only for Veterans."  List your business with us-You'll be rewarded for doing so!

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VETERANS! Find Your Discount by doing this:

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  • If you are shopping or eating out, ask this question every time: "Do You Give Veterans Discounts?"
  • Recommend any business that answers yes, to your friends; and post it on your Social Media!.
  • Thank every business for supporting our troops and Veterans!
  • Contact us to let us know if you'd like to have us speak to a business in your area. 

Send us your basic information and we'll be in touch directly.  Enter your proof of service and info to contact us or to join our new newsletter coming soon! Above all : THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

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